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Hey Girl!

Hey Girl! If you're here, you already kinda know us. But let's dive deeper, shall we? Alice & Wonder is a Chicago-based shop curating pretty fun things from apparel to gifts.

We bring you the good stuff: everything from those hard-to-find gems you can't live without to the classic brands you know and trust. Because we get it: having the perfect tee or just the right cocktail glasses can be a day-breaker or day-maker. And we're here for the latter.

We believe in the witty, fun, optimistic and nostalgic. When uniqueness meets affordability, that’s when we’ve done our job.

The $100 Promise

We hear ya, sister! It’s hard out there for a girl on a budget. So we give you this: our $100 promise. That means you won’t find anything in our shop more than $100 unless we whole-heartedly believe the product is worth the spend. We’re all about the investment pieces. And we'll be sure to bring you those closet staples when we find ‘em. As a majority though, the pretty fun things in our shop will be offered for $100 or less.

Our Story

Let's take it way back...
  • How Wonderful

    Our owner Ali hits grade school & takes on the nickname Alice, setting her up for a dream 20 years in the making.

  • City Livin'

    While born and raised in the ‘burbs, Ali’s post-college home (and soon-to-be our home!) becomes Chicago.

  • Working 9 to 5

    Ali leaves her corporate PR gig to follow a dream. Thus, our shop is born.

  • And we're live

    Alice & Wonder launches as an online shop, selling only 13 items, out of a tiny condo bedroom.

  • Let's go girls

    We join a female collective pop-up where we get a taste of meeting real customers. Hey girl.

  • Our own rabbit hole

    We branch off to start our own summer pop-up in Lincoln Park. A real DIY labor of love.

  • Honey, we're home

    We shut our pop-up doors, redo our entire space (ourselves!) and open back up for good.

  • Why thank you!

    We're named best place to get dressed in Lincoln Park & get a shoutout in US Weekly. We're blushing.

  • Chicago forever & ever

    We create our very own Chicago apparel collection. Windy city lookin’ real pretty.

  • Twice as nice

    We open our second location in Chicago on one of our favorite shopping streets – Southport.

  • We made it mini

    Because mini bestie needs a place to shop too - We open a baby and toddler shop right across from our second location on Southport.