About Us

Alice &  Wonder is a Chicago based shop curating all things pretty and fun for her and home. The pieces we offer are the hard-to-find gems that we saw and couldn’t live without. Because we value the confidence that comes with having the perfect dress for a killer day at work or just the right cocktail glasses for a last-minute happy hour. When uniqueness meets affordability, that’s when we’ve done our job.


the $100 promise

We hear ya, sister! It’s hard out there for a girl on a budget. So we give you this: our $100 promise. That means that you won’t find anything in our shop more than $100 unless we whole-heartedly believe the product is worth the spend. We know there are some things that are worth it. And be sure that we’ll bring you those goodies when we find ‘em. As a majority though, our pretty fun things will be quality products offered for$100 or less.


Meet our owner Ali Reff

Our owner Ali, nicknamed 'Alice' by her family, started Alice & Wonder in 2015 after leaving her job in the corporate PR world to start a business of her own. The idea for the company began after Ali moved to Chicago in 2008 and quickly discovered that while it’s one of the best cities for fashion, the lifestyle can come with a price tag. Constantly feeling in-between the place of needing to pay rent vs. needing the newest handbag, she decided budget-friendly style shouldn’t be so hard to find.
Ali lives in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago with her husband, Brian. She is a lover of drinks that are caffeinated, wine that is white, Cubs that are World Series Champions and hot dogs that have ketchup (sorry, Chicago dog fans!).

Come see us: 

956 Webster Ave, Chicago, IL 60614


Monday-Wednesday: 11-6pm

Thursday-Friday: 11-7pm

Saturday: 11-6pm

Sunday: 11-5pm 

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